In loving memory of
Colt Walker Catalina

January 18, 2008 - March 21, 2010

"Our nightmare began when we lost you, leaving a heartache no one can ever heal. We miss you terribly and would give anything to hold you again."

Love Da-da, Momma, Mackenzie & Presley

Our Mission


The Colt Catalina Foundation raises awareness for Drowning Prevention & Child Safety.

Drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4.Our goal is to educate the public on the importance of water safety.

We provide Infant Aquatics@ survival swim lesson scholarships around the U.S. to those in financial need. Infant Aquatics@ is the second-largest survival swim program in the world and we are proud to be partnered with them and be their top sponsor.

Drowning is 100% Preventable!

Colt's Story

"We don't know how we've lived and breathed without you being here, you're our angel now and you'll forever be in our hearts and minds."

Love Da-da, Momma, Mackenzie & Presley

Colt Walker Catalina was born on January 18, 2008, to the parents of John and Natalie, and the little brother of Mackenzie and Presley. He was a vibrant toddler, the love of everyone who knew him, and the apple of his mother's eye. A very talented little boy and a special gift from God. Many people who knew Colt loved his heavenly blue eyes, winning smile, and the sound of his infectious laugh. Colt brought so much joy to this world and touched so many people's lives. He was such a sweet, fun, loving little boy.

Colt's favorite thing was baseball. More than anything else, Colt loved to hit the ball. Even before he was walking or standing up, he would sit down and hit a ball with the bat, then crawled to wherever he hit the ball to, and do it all over again. Once he was standing up good, he started hitting the ball off a tee. Once he was walking, he would hit the ball off the tee, then run in a circle as if he was running the bases.

It wasn't long after he started walking that we were pitching the ball to Colt for him to hit it. Just like the tee, once he hit the pitched ball, he would drop the bat and run in a circle.  He could do this for hours. He even hit his bat on the ground before he lifted it up. Colt enjoyed monster trucks, horses, and tractors. Monster trucks were his favorite trucks. He loved his cowboy hat and his green John Deere cap, and he loved his boots! Colt's favorite place was the ballpark. He would see his sisters putting their uniforms on or getting ready for practice, and he would run to the door because he knew they were going to the ballpark. He also loved riding in the jeep. He would stick his head out so the wind could blow in his face. He would just smile, laugh, sing, and dance too. He was always very busy. Colt saw everything like flowers blooming, trees blooming, bugs all around, a new rock in the road...he missed nothing!

On Sunday, March 21, 2010, John and Natalie's lives were shattered into a million pieces. Colt was in the care of a relative when he slipped away unnoticed and was later found in the backyard pool. There was no fence around the pool. John and Natalie were immediately notified of the accident. PHI Air Medical crew Flight Nurse Michael Riffle, Flight Paramedic Brian McCarley, and Pilot George Egbert III rushed him to Dell Children's Hospital, but doctors were unable to revive him. Colt had just turned two years old when his life was cut short by an accident that was 100% preventable. Though his time with us was short, Colt brought many smiles, and much joy, and his energy, and love of life will always be remembered. If things could have gone differently that day Colt would still be here doing the things he loved and enjoyed. Colt was loved by everyone and will forever remain in our hearts.


The Colt Catalina Foundation has raised over $50,000 for those in need.